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Big Meadows - 2003
Washington, DC - Your Guide to the Great Capitol!
  • Licensed Tour Guide for Washington DC
  • History Nerd and Washington Native in Love with the Capitol City.
  • Group/s -any size- Offering Tours of the heart of the city and surrounding areas.
  • Custom Focused: Art & City Sculpture, Politics, Memorials, & the Smithsonians, etc.
  • Walking, Hiking, Biking, or Motor Coach - all options for your tour
  •  For very large groups I am happy to connect you with a company I work with.

As a
"Licensed Washington, DC Tour Guide - FOR HIRE, " I am happy
to host you, your group, family, friends, or corporate outings, anytime year round,
no matter the group size.  Washington has much to see and do let me share it with you.

Story Teller
From the pages of  
Granny Boop's Big House

Stale Cookies
in the Dark
Almost Home

Press Release
Before Stale Cookies,
there was a Big House...

Granny Boop's
Big House  
Growing up Gay White Trash  
and Liking it.

Press Release
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Frank Impressions    by  Frank James Ellis
Artist . Story Teller . Washington DC Tour Guide

  • An Emerging,, Contemporary, American Impressionist  
  • Born, Living, and Painting in Washington, DC  
  • Tour Guide - FOR HIRE  /  Groups of any size  

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